Sunday, December 2, 2012

Well... It's December.
   Grape Harvest in the Valley was average... we filled out Large Holding Tanks and drummed some as well. 
   In November, I took my Mother and Sister for a day's adventure.   We drove 2 hrs up/over to Cashmere to a Retro Diner and HUGE Antique Mall.   We drove out in the morning and hit snow for most of the drive.   Large flakes gently floating to the ground.
  At the Antique Mall... I found some Farm Girl/Glamping Attire... A pair of Vintage pearly earings & pin set, and a second set of pearly earings... so cool.
I also picked up a Pink Washington Souvenier felt pennant banner for the Aloha and a Vintage Luggable Loo (enamalware).   I was happy to find the pink peticoat in my size too.    So much fun.
While surfing the net... I found several pics apply to my thought process...
If you don't recognise the logo... it's from Dr. Who.   But the "Pretend it's a Plan"  is soooo Me.

And this is SO MUCH Phoenix... the family cat.
:) Happy December  :) Suzy

Sunday, September 16, 2012

  Yesterday was my Birthday... I spent a quiet day... well as quiet as it could be with two little grandsons visiting.  I started out my day by joining my sister and Mom at a Shabby Antique show... Bloomerang.  It is JUST the sort of place we want to sell out of our Bunkhouse Boutique Glamping Booth at.  We left our name & phone number, they are planning one for next year too.   The shortly after lunch, my daughter and her to adorable little boys joined me for the afternoon.   We had a lot of fun.
  I may have spent a quiet birthday yesterday, BUT I was totally blown away suprized by a suprize birthday party last weekend.  My BFF and I joined my Mom & Sis at another Farmer's Market up the valley mid morning, scouted around and had lunch in a Pizza Bar & Restaurant.  Then we headed back to town and stopped at the Christian Thrift Shop here in town, which is a nice little shop.   My friend and I headed to my housed.  There was no evidence of anyone around, but my two kids, the grandkids, my friends and family suprized me with a party.  It was a full afternoon of celebration.

   I recieved a basket full of Glamper things for the SSLillie, a string of Flamingo lights and a jar that people put money into for me to spend on the Aloha.  I have plans for an awning from Marti's Awnings.  I got one for the 90 Okanagan MH.  A very nice weekend... not what I had planned at all for the rest of the day.   A pleasant way to spend it with friends and family.
:)  Suzy

Friday, August 24, 2012

  We girls went to a Farm Chick's show in Spokane a month or so ago.   I'd like to share some of the treasures that cought my eye...
Fantastic denim jeans pockets rug... quite large too. They also had a coule of denim jeans pocket footstool as well.
Rag roses, shabby chic baby pic and pink dishes on fireking platter.  So cool.

Vintage clothing, china and linens.

Layered chinaware with mirrors in the center. 
So many ideas for the Bunkhouse Boutique Market shows.

   July we cousins put on a Wood Family Reunion in Tacoma, Wash.  Cousin Darlene was generous in opening her home for our invasion.  Mom, Sis, Nephew and I headed over from the valley early Saturday morning.
   We had over 80 relatives show up...  we had a great time.  Thank you cousins for getting us all together.
   There were the 2nd generation Woods.. 1 sister and 3 brothers, then the first generation cousins, their spouses, then the 2nd generation cousins and even the 3rd generation cousins.  We've had Wood Family reunions ever since I could remember.  Some of the earliest that I do remember were in the very late 50's to the early 60's.   Here is a picture one of the cousins posted on FB recently...
This one was out on Grandpa Wood's Farm in Yelm Washington from the early 60's.   Check out the travel trailer in the background.   I have many fond memories of this farm.  We had good time.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ntl Glamping Weekend...
  We spent our Glamping at the Bowl & Pitcher State Park in Spokane Washington.
  My mom, sister and I headed out Friday morning for our Glamping trip.  We were 60 miles from home when Mom was flagged by a fellow traveler that her back tire was bad.   It wasn't flat.  She got a new, smaller moterhome this past spring and this was her first camping outing.  She and I both have Ford Econoline Conversion Vans.  Mine is an Okanagan and hers is a Falcon.  So we were looking forward to this first outing.
  So... 60 miles from home we get this....
A Bulge in the side of the tire the size of a dinner plate.
   Stuck on the side of the highway in 80+ degree weather, we called for help.  After our Knigts in Shining Armour came to our rescue and a 3 hour delay we were again on our way.
  Our second stop was in Ritzville for a pit stop.   The Subway was next to an open field... perfect photo op...

   When we finally got to the camp ground our site was nice and open among the trees...
We Glamped up our campsite with lace, flowers in blue Ball jars, and solar lights.

The Campground was full of Vintage trailers... some familiar.. all cute.  Several "Sisters" were Glamped out.
  By the end of the day, we were totally exhausted and ready to relax.  After all... we have a full day Saturday ahead of us... we were going to Spokane's Famous Farm Chicks Show.  This is our first time and are looking forward to it.  It being so hot all day long, I opened up all of my windows to cool the insides of the MH down.  By early, early Sat Morning... It was  raining... and coming down pretty hard.   It rained off and on while we were getting ready to head out.  By the time we got to the Fair, it was sunny and nice.
  FARM CHICKS... is an experience like no other.  I've never been to a show like this.  There were lots and lots of antiques, crafts and fun stuffs.  Shoulder to shoulder crowds, excusing ourselves, elbos bumping and an overwhelming abundance of eye candy... like I said.. a real experience.
My big finds were a Vintage fan.. in a cute blue and it works.  It's got 2 speeds.  It's not the right blue shade for my Aloha, I may have to repaint it.   I also found a "Pik-Nik" aluminum cooler with atop tray.  I immediatly put ice in it when we got back to camp and it kept my Pina Colada nice and cold.

Quite a successful hunting trip, Mom got some quilts, Sis got some fabric and a grinder of some sorts.
Our trip home on Sunday was fairly smooth.  We had to stop at the country Country Mercantile just outside Pasco.
A Very Fun and Good Weekend.  :) Suzy

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Whoo Hoo... I am now a Vintage Trailer Owner.  
  I participate on the Tin Can Tourists' Facebook page, and search Craiglist enough that I feel like a stalker.  One of the TCT members bookmarked a CL listing of a 1959 Aloha Trailer for sale just 60 miles from me.  I pulled up the listing, called the owner who said he had someone looking at it now and another coming later but he would put me on the list... I'm number 3.   I told hime I work on Thursday but I would come check it out if it was still for sale.
  Well... it was.  I drove down there to check it out and gave it a good thorough looking over.  The seller gave me it's history and it turns out it's first owner from 1959 to 1971 was just 6 miles from my town.  His father bought it in 1971 and it's been in his family ever since.
  It was in great shape, the outsides had been painted over the original paint and it was crackly and peeling, but the body was great.  The inside showed signs of water damage, but not so much that there were soft spots.  The wood interior had been varnished over the original finish and was dry and peely/flaky to the touch.  It had wonderful rounded corners.  The benches & goucho bed was in perfect condition.. no rips or tears.  The stove and oven works and it has a gas lamp above the sink.   An ice box... no fridge.. but I can live with that.  No heater which is also ok since I have a stove.
  I tolk him I would take it if he could deliver it 60 miles away... he said ok and it showed up on my doorstep this morning.  I am going to start a blog on it and document it's restoration... more like a good cleaning and facelift.  No bone reconstruction needed.
  My color scheme has been determined by the flooring and the original paint.   Pink & Turquoise.  I pulled up the carpet and the floor is gray with gold flecks in it and pink-yellow-turquoise-white 1950's starbursts.  It is very good shape with only one area in the far back corner that doesn't look it's best.   Now I'll mop it and bring out it's shine.... perhaps another day.  Today... it got a thorough cleaning... no water scrubbing yet... I'm pooped.
  I'm a Happy Glamper... :) Suzy

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

   It's springtime now... my search for a little vintage travel trailer is on.  I've roamed (stalked) my surrounding towns and countryside and found LOTS of little travel trailers sitting in pastures, fields and beside houses.  Most of them are in very poor shape an would take major repairs/refurbishing to get them travel ready.   A few are in good shape and a couple in Excellent shape.  
   I've even gotten up the nerve to stop at a couple of places and ask if they were thinking to sell their little trailers.  NO.  They all evidently love their little gems and don't intend to sell.  Bummer.

This one is an ALOHA... which is on my list of manufacturers that I am looking for.  
Asked: YES Answer: NO

This is an Aladdin and they had 2 of them.  Asked: YES  Answer: NO

   I'm scoping Craigslist, the Vintage are coming up more often and some are really tempting.
Here are some that are "Out Standing in their Fields"...... pitty.

  The first one is a Shasta... you can even see the wings.   The second one I'm not sure what it is.  In a sad little corner.  A friend of mine said he stopped there and wanted to ask, but the occupants wouldn't come out of the house.
  I almost found one to buy... was going to go check it out... and funny thing is... I was kinda sad that my hunt would be over.  But before I went to check it out, it sold.
  The Hunt is ON.... hehehe.
:) Suzy


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Accessorizing my Adventures....

   This past winter I got hooked on making bunting banners.   You know.... those pointy pennant thingies that car lots use.  Well... these are colorful cloth banners.   Glampers decorate their vintage trailers with them and I'm planning on decorating my Camper Van with one... or two.... or maybe more.

These are a few on the ones I've made.   I sell some on my family Etsy site:  Bunkhouse Boutique...   Check Us Out.
  They also can be used to decorate for Parties, Birthdays, Photography props, or children's rooms.

National Glamping Weekend...

June 2 & 3, 2012 is National Glamping weekend.  Hope you all are making plans to go "Glamorous Camping"
  I think I might.   Where... I'm not sure yet, but it sounds like fun to me.
  I am a "Sister".... I've joined the Mary Jane Sisterhood and the Sister's on the Fly Sisterhood... women and vintage trailers.  Camping, Glamping, Fly Fishing (I dunno about that one).... nothing but us girls.   We will see what this summer holds for my adventures.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Craft Retreats... Highly Recommended

  Spent last weekend in the Beautiful Bavarian town of Leavenworth, Washington.
  Each year we hold a family craft retreat.  We've been to Leavenworth a few times, Whistling Jacks a couple of times.  This past weekend we again went back to Leavenworth.
  We get a 3 bedroom suite in a motel within walking distance from downtown.  We... being my Mom, my Daughter and my Sister as crafters and my 2 little grandsons.  This year, we invited my Niece, who has never been to Leavenworth before.  I'm glad we got to be the ones to take her.
  The boys played with toys they brought, cut paper, colored and played Angry Birds on my Kindle.  Sis did some sewing... she's learning to make quilttops, Mom did some embroidery, Daughter did beading & knitting, Niece did some beading and created some great scrapbook greeting cards and I worked on emblelishment on a quilt top and spent time relaxing and enjoyed whatching the activities of the boys. 
  I totally enjoyed the weekend. 
  Then... of course we did some shopping.   We walked into town and enjoyed the afternoon.
  On the way home, a neighboring town, Cashmere, has a wonderful Antique Mall that we HAD to check out.  I found a Vintage Barbie red coat and a suitcase pair.
  I highly recommend planning a retreat.. antique shopping... crafting... or whatevery you like to do.  Get away, relax and refresh.