Friday, August 24, 2012

   July we cousins put on a Wood Family Reunion in Tacoma, Wash.  Cousin Darlene was generous in opening her home for our invasion.  Mom, Sis, Nephew and I headed over from the valley early Saturday morning.
   We had over 80 relatives show up...  we had a great time.  Thank you cousins for getting us all together.
   There were the 2nd generation Woods.. 1 sister and 3 brothers, then the first generation cousins, their spouses, then the 2nd generation cousins and even the 3rd generation cousins.  We've had Wood Family reunions ever since I could remember.  Some of the earliest that I do remember were in the very late 50's to the early 60's.   Here is a picture one of the cousins posted on FB recently...
This one was out on Grandpa Wood's Farm in Yelm Washington from the early 60's.   Check out the travel trailer in the background.   I have many fond memories of this farm.  We had good time.

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