Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ntl Glamping Weekend...
  We spent our Glamping at the Bowl & Pitcher State Park in Spokane Washington.
  My mom, sister and I headed out Friday morning for our Glamping trip.  We were 60 miles from home when Mom was flagged by a fellow traveler that her back tire was bad.   It wasn't flat.  She got a new, smaller moterhome this past spring and this was her first camping outing.  She and I both have Ford Econoline Conversion Vans.  Mine is an Okanagan and hers is a Falcon.  So we were looking forward to this first outing.
  So... 60 miles from home we get this....
A Bulge in the side of the tire the size of a dinner plate.
   Stuck on the side of the highway in 80+ degree weather, we called for help.  After our Knigts in Shining Armour came to our rescue and a 3 hour delay we were again on our way.
  Our second stop was in Ritzville for a pit stop.   The Subway was next to an open field... perfect photo op...

   When we finally got to the camp ground our site was nice and open among the trees...
We Glamped up our campsite with lace, flowers in blue Ball jars, and solar lights.

The Campground was full of Vintage trailers... some familiar.. all cute.  Several "Sisters" were Glamped out.
  By the end of the day, we were totally exhausted and ready to relax.  After all... we have a full day Saturday ahead of us... we were going to Spokane's Famous Farm Chicks Show.  This is our first time and are looking forward to it.  It being so hot all day long, I opened up all of my windows to cool the insides of the MH down.  By early, early Sat Morning... It was  raining... and coming down pretty hard.   It rained off and on while we were getting ready to head out.  By the time we got to the Fair, it was sunny and nice.
  FARM CHICKS... is an experience like no other.  I've never been to a show like this.  There were lots and lots of antiques, crafts and fun stuffs.  Shoulder to shoulder crowds, excusing ourselves, elbos bumping and an overwhelming abundance of eye candy... like I said.. a real experience.
My big finds were a Vintage fan.. in a cute blue and it works.  It's got 2 speeds.  It's not the right blue shade for my Aloha, I may have to repaint it.   I also found a "Pik-Nik" aluminum cooler with atop tray.  I immediatly put ice in it when we got back to camp and it kept my Pina Colada nice and cold.

Quite a successful hunting trip, Mom got some quilts, Sis got some fabric and a grinder of some sorts.
Our trip home on Sunday was fairly smooth.  We had to stop at the country Country Mercantile just outside Pasco.
A Very Fun and Good Weekend.  :) Suzy

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