Sunday, December 2, 2012

Well... It's December.
   Grape Harvest in the Valley was average... we filled out Large Holding Tanks and drummed some as well. 
   In November, I took my Mother and Sister for a day's adventure.   We drove 2 hrs up/over to Cashmere to a Retro Diner and HUGE Antique Mall.   We drove out in the morning and hit snow for most of the drive.   Large flakes gently floating to the ground.
  At the Antique Mall... I found some Farm Girl/Glamping Attire... A pair of Vintage pearly earings & pin set, and a second set of pearly earings... so cool.
I also picked up a Pink Washington Souvenier felt pennant banner for the Aloha and a Vintage Luggable Loo (enamalware).   I was happy to find the pink peticoat in my size too.    So much fun.
While surfing the net... I found several pics apply to my thought process...
If you don't recognise the logo... it's from Dr. Who.   But the "Pretend it's a Plan"  is soooo Me.

And this is SO MUCH Phoenix... the family cat.
:) Happy December  :) Suzy