Sunday, September 16, 2012

  Yesterday was my Birthday... I spent a quiet day... well as quiet as it could be with two little grandsons visiting.  I started out my day by joining my sister and Mom at a Shabby Antique show... Bloomerang.  It is JUST the sort of place we want to sell out of our Bunkhouse Boutique Glamping Booth at.  We left our name & phone number, they are planning one for next year too.   The shortly after lunch, my daughter and her to adorable little boys joined me for the afternoon.   We had a lot of fun.
  I may have spent a quiet birthday yesterday, BUT I was totally blown away suprized by a suprize birthday party last weekend.  My BFF and I joined my Mom & Sis at another Farmer's Market up the valley mid morning, scouted around and had lunch in a Pizza Bar & Restaurant.  Then we headed back to town and stopped at the Christian Thrift Shop here in town, which is a nice little shop.   My friend and I headed to my housed.  There was no evidence of anyone around, but my two kids, the grandkids, my friends and family suprized me with a party.  It was a full afternoon of celebration.

   I recieved a basket full of Glamper things for the SSLillie, a string of Flamingo lights and a jar that people put money into for me to spend on the Aloha.  I have plans for an awning from Marti's Awnings.  I got one for the 90 Okanagan MH.  A very nice weekend... not what I had planned at all for the rest of the day.   A pleasant way to spend it with friends and family.
:)  Suzy