Friday, January 11, 2013

   It's now 2013, we survived the apocolypse.  :)   I hope this year is full of fun adventures, good health and success.
   I plan to start a new Blog with pictures of Vintage Travel Trailers I've taken pictures of in my travels both local and afar.   In my search for my Aloha I drove the backroads from here to there and found loads of sad little and big trailers sitting in lots, pastures or yards.  I've also found several in excellent condition as well.   So look for my new blog.
   I started out this year with my Grandsons.  We celebrated First Night with the theme of Out of this World... Aliens.   The boys got to make crafts, watch performances and have lots of fun.  We ate dinner at a Sushi Bar in the mall.   It was a fun way to open up the new year.  
   I also returned the family cat back to Spokane.  He was used to another cat, a dog and a closed yard and small neighborhood to rule.  I bored him.   His personality and mine did not mix well for living with perminantly.  So he's back over there, given to a good friend who was upset that he was given to me.... she wanted him.   So now she has him, he has 2 dogs to play with and he's settling in nicely.  I've got my house back.... he did get a bit bossy and was a brat if I didn't give in to his bullying.  :)   I still love him.... just from afar.   Ha. :)
   Next is my 3rd Grandson's 1st Birthday.... on the 9th.  I know... this post is on the 11th... but we are celebrating his birthday this coming weekend.   The weather here warmed up into the mid to high 40's and melted all our snow.  Now it has dropped back down into the low 30's.  I hope they've lost their snow.
  I've also got a few of my weekend adventures planned out, work vacation days requested off and have invited my adventure companions.  Antiquing.    Glamping.   Beach Castle Building. Kite Flying. just to name a few.
Let the Adventures Begin.