Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sewing Day...

  I work at a JM Smucker Fruit processing plant... we make concentrates out of purchased Fruits for juices, jams & jellys.   This is Grape Harvest season... and we would normally be half way through grapes by this date... we haven't started yet this year.   The first day of Grape Harvest for us will be Monday.. a full 3 weeks later than the norm.
  So with the weekend free I've put it to good use by sewing.  I have for the past 30+ years been involved in many crafts  and sold at street fairs, craft faires, Christmas craft shows, renaissance festivals and such.  I am starting a new venture and today I spent the day sewing pennant banners for fun decorative uses in bedrooms, parties & glamping. 

  My sister, my daughter and I have an Etsy website called the Bunkhouse Boutique.  We listed crafty & vintage things in the beginning, but have not listed anything this past year.  I want to reboost the idea and get us out selling at Farmer's Markets.     I also have an Etsy site that I've listed miniature dolls & faeries... but again... I've not listed in over a year.
  So I look forward to this new venture in our crafting life.
:) Suzy