Saturday, March 3, 2012

Craft Retreats... Highly Recommended

  Spent last weekend in the Beautiful Bavarian town of Leavenworth, Washington.
  Each year we hold a family craft retreat.  We've been to Leavenworth a few times, Whistling Jacks a couple of times.  This past weekend we again went back to Leavenworth.
  We get a 3 bedroom suite in a motel within walking distance from downtown.  We... being my Mom, my Daughter and my Sister as crafters and my 2 little grandsons.  This year, we invited my Niece, who has never been to Leavenworth before.  I'm glad we got to be the ones to take her.
  The boys played with toys they brought, cut paper, colored and played Angry Birds on my Kindle.  Sis did some sewing... she's learning to make quilttops, Mom did some embroidery, Daughter did beading & knitting, Niece did some beading and created some great scrapbook greeting cards and I worked on emblelishment on a quilt top and spent time relaxing and enjoyed whatching the activities of the boys. 
  I totally enjoyed the weekend. 
  Then... of course we did some shopping.   We walked into town and enjoyed the afternoon.
  On the way home, a neighboring town, Cashmere, has a wonderful Antique Mall that we HAD to check out.  I found a Vintage Barbie red coat and a suitcase pair.
  I highly recommend planning a retreat.. antique shopping... crafting... or whatevery you like to do.  Get away, relax and refresh.

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