Wednesday, May 9, 2012

   It's springtime now... my search for a little vintage travel trailer is on.  I've roamed (stalked) my surrounding towns and countryside and found LOTS of little travel trailers sitting in pastures, fields and beside houses.  Most of them are in very poor shape an would take major repairs/refurbishing to get them travel ready.   A few are in good shape and a couple in Excellent shape.  
   I've even gotten up the nerve to stop at a couple of places and ask if they were thinking to sell their little trailers.  NO.  They all evidently love their little gems and don't intend to sell.  Bummer.

This one is an ALOHA... which is on my list of manufacturers that I am looking for.  
Asked: YES Answer: NO

This is an Aladdin and they had 2 of them.  Asked: YES  Answer: NO

   I'm scoping Craigslist, the Vintage are coming up more often and some are really tempting.
Here are some that are "Out Standing in their Fields"...... pitty.

  The first one is a Shasta... you can even see the wings.   The second one I'm not sure what it is.  In a sad little corner.  A friend of mine said he stopped there and wanted to ask, but the occupants wouldn't come out of the house.
  I almost found one to buy... was going to go check it out... and funny thing is... I was kinda sad that my hunt would be over.  But before I went to check it out, it sold.
  The Hunt is ON.... hehehe.
:) Suzy


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