Saturday, May 12, 2012

Whoo Hoo... I am now a Vintage Trailer Owner.  
  I participate on the Tin Can Tourists' Facebook page, and search Craiglist enough that I feel like a stalker.  One of the TCT members bookmarked a CL listing of a 1959 Aloha Trailer for sale just 60 miles from me.  I pulled up the listing, called the owner who said he had someone looking at it now and another coming later but he would put me on the list... I'm number 3.   I told hime I work on Thursday but I would come check it out if it was still for sale.
  Well... it was.  I drove down there to check it out and gave it a good thorough looking over.  The seller gave me it's history and it turns out it's first owner from 1959 to 1971 was just 6 miles from my town.  His father bought it in 1971 and it's been in his family ever since.
  It was in great shape, the outsides had been painted over the original paint and it was crackly and peeling, but the body was great.  The inside showed signs of water damage, but not so much that there were soft spots.  The wood interior had been varnished over the original finish and was dry and peely/flaky to the touch.  It had wonderful rounded corners.  The benches & goucho bed was in perfect condition.. no rips or tears.  The stove and oven works and it has a gas lamp above the sink.   An ice box... no fridge.. but I can live with that.  No heater which is also ok since I have a stove.
  I tolk him I would take it if he could deliver it 60 miles away... he said ok and it showed up on my doorstep this morning.  I am going to start a blog on it and document it's restoration... more like a good cleaning and facelift.  No bone reconstruction needed.
  My color scheme has been determined by the flooring and the original paint.   Pink & Turquoise.  I pulled up the carpet and the floor is gray with gold flecks in it and pink-yellow-turquoise-white 1950's starbursts.  It is very good shape with only one area in the far back corner that doesn't look it's best.   Now I'll mop it and bring out it's shine.... perhaps another day.  Today... it got a thorough cleaning... no water scrubbing yet... I'm pooped.
  I'm a Happy Glamper... :) Suzy

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