Wednesday, April 9, 2014

   It's Spring 2014... I've had some life changes this past winter... I retired from 29 years of working for the same company.  This past Dec, my BFF and I both worked for the same company decided to retire... we had our last day on an early Friday in Dec and on Saturday we were entries in my town's Lighted Farm Implement Parade with my Vintage 1959 Aloha travel trailer.
   We were decked out in Pink... Lillie was decked out in lights and tinsel... the little generater was humming and we got a 3rd place for our bracket... Vintage Cars & Trucks pre 1950.
A few weeks later... She and I headed up to an Antique Store and Retro Diner for lunch and shopping...
We had a blast and a good lunch.
I found some Paint by Numbers that will be part of some future jewelry...
That's all for now... :) Suzy

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