Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vintage Trailer's I checked out this Past Year....

  My trip to Roslyn and the Vintage Trailer rally was just the beginning...
I am uncertain of make, model or year of these or even who they belonged to, but they were great to see and fun to dream about.
The Pink & Crome was adorable, My daughter & grandson checking it out and the dawg is my son in law's, an American Bulldog.

A Very Cute red & White canned ham.... Love the Coca-Cola staging.

Then during the summer was an Antique Show & Vintage Trailer rally in Prosser Wash.  The Antique Show booths were set up under trees near the Yakima River at a Bed & Breakfast... (I will later inster the link to this show)....

This little cutie is owned by one of the Mary Jane Farms Sister.

Now I'm looking for one of my own to play with.  I found this one out in a pasture in Prosser, it's a shasta with wings... looks like an 18ft, cute pink & white painting.  I haven't approached and I don't know if I want to,  it probably has water damage & stuffed full of critters.

And this is my little sweetheart.  It was a frosty-frosty December day.  I moved her up on the lawn and decorated her for Christmas.   The kids call her the "Beast".  She's a 19ft Ford Econoline Okanagan moter home.
I had a little bumper mishap this past summer and I haven't had her repaired yet. 

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